Phototheremin: Realize a sound oscillator in 4 steps – Fablab Roma Makers

Friday, 28th November and Saturday, 29th November  - Labs will be held during the whole conference span

With this lab, you will learn a technique to realize a small electronic circuit with a CNC milling machine, without chemicals. You will realize the circuit diagram with Fritzing, intuitive and open source software, and then you will pass to the design of electric tracks.
Using few components you will create an oscillator sound, one of the components present in modern musical instruments, but we want more! By adding the tone control with light, we’ll get  a PhotoTheremin, a small square wave generator modulated!

The attendee will create the circuit on the breadboard, seamless, by learning the basics of electronics prototyping .

How to participate: pre-booking is not mandatory, simply reserve your place on the same day in Codemotion Maker area, directly to the Fablab  Rome Desk. I

Access to Labs is allowed to Codemotion Ticket holders.

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