Wearable technologies: Let’s start from the fabrics – Fablab Roma Makers

Friday, 28th November and Saturday, 29th November  – Labs will be held during the whole conference span

By participating in this lab you will learn about technological fabrics, used for wearable applications. These fabrics can be worn with sensors, lights and vibration to create innovative devices. Already used in the medical, sporty and artistic world, interactive textiles can be considered as an extension of the electronics. During the lab you will be able to use some fabrics such as pressure sensors, buttons and bending to move a robotic arm, light the lights and ring a digital instrument.

How to participate: pre-booking is not mandatory, simply reserve your place on the same day in Codemotion Maker area, directly to the Fablab  Rome Desk. It is recommend to attend the workshop with a laptop. Every OS is accepted but you need to install previously Arduino software.

 Access to Labs is allowed to Codemotion Ticket holders.

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