Hottest topics. Amazing speakers. Codemotion Milan warms up

Start your engines and be ready to run fast: Codemotion Milan is warming up and it pledges to be the must-attend event in autumn.

By its nature, Codemotion demonstrated to have a wide area of interests, and a mission looking forward to the future.
Mobile, DevOps, UX/UI, Cloud and BigData, Gamedev and IoT: the hottest topics delivered by the most charming international speakers for a conference who reinvented the idea of tech-event in Europe.

People first
The beating heart of Codemotion is Codemotion People: Codemotion events in Rome, Berlin and Madrid have been attended by more than 5000 international guests in the last years.
This blazing roadshow is now heading to Milan where Codemotion will land on November 28th and 29th along with an exciting lineup of disruptive innovators.

Say YES to Codemotion



A bunch of amazing personalities already said yes to Codemotion, so we are really proud to introduce you our earliest beloved speakers:



  • The first Super Guest Star – you already know him – is MICHAEL “MONTY”  WIDENIUS, main author of the open source MySQL database and a founding member of the MySQL AB company

  • ALAIN REGNIER and his Google glass;
  • Speaker also in: Devoxx, Droidcon, GDGs, Paris Glass User Group.

  • TIFFANY CONROY, showing how tailoring logic around user capabilities in client-side apps;
  • Speaker also in Geek Girl Carrots, Campus Party EU, Front-Trends 2012.

  • MARIO FUSCO, introducing Java 8 and Lambdas;
  • Speaker also in QCon São Paulo, Jfokus Soft-Shake.

  • DAVID PILATO and Kibana, a generic and powerful visualisation tool devoted to BigData;
  • Speaker also in Devoxx France, JUGs, Web5 2013, Agile France.

  • MARIO KLINGEMANN, who will bring you to the inspiring discover of EigenARTig meaning;
  • Speaker also in Creative Mornings/Munich, beyond tellerrand 2013, HackerBrucke, Reasons to be Creative.

  • MATHILDE LEMEE, exploring the web application testing;
  • Speaker also in ParisJUG, Marmite, Mix-it, SoftShake, last seen in Devoxx.

  • GABRIELE LANA discussing the truth behind every developer (and his profession);
  • Speaker also in Italian Agile Day, JSDAy, PHPDay, Node.JS Conf.

  • IAN ROBINSON and Graph Databases tools;
  • Speaker also in JAX London, GOTO Amsterdam, Qcon NewYork, Craft Conf.

  • NILANJAN RAYCHAUDHURI, a C++ creative coder with Cinder and openFrameworks;
  • Speaker also in Scala Days, Silicon Valley Code Camp, Java One.

  • STEFAN TILKOV, who will enlighten about entertaining examples of architectural disasters in software projects;
  • Speaker also in W-JAX, Software Architecture Summit.

  • JAN KRUTISCH, mixing together creativity, coding and music;
  • Speaker also in RailsIsrael, Eurucamp, JS Unconf, DevconTLV.

  • RAOUL-GABRIEL URMA, exploring functional programming;
  • Speaker also in GeeCON, JDK.IO, FOSDEM, Devoxx.

  • VITTORIO AMOS ZIPARO and his robot ROVINA :)
  • Also speaker in IEEE International Conference, International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence.

  • CHRISSY WELSH, talking about UX;
  • Also speaker in Dutch Mobile Conference, Php conference, UX Scotland.

  • THOMAS BERTANI, who will pay the bill with Bitcoins :)

  • FRANCESCO FULLONE, exploring lean management and startup business model;
  • Also speaker in PHPDay, Better Software Florence, AngularJS Day.

  • JACOPO ROMEI, Agile coaching companies to improve their flow;
  • Also speaker in Agile Saturday X Estonia, PHP Northwest Manchester, Symfony Day.

  • MARCO CECCONI, describing Stack Overflow;
  • Also speaker in QCon Tokio, DevSum Stockholm, NDC Oslo.

  • LUCA MASCARO, describing the Experience designing;
  • Also speaker in Lean Kanban southern Europe, London Web Standard, UX Conference, Lugano.

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