Welcome to Codemotion Milan 2014!

Codemotion’s Team is proud to invite all of you to the incoming hi-tech event!
Don’t be late, and join us at the most amazing winter code party.

Code, Make, Change the world!

Change the world with software and hardware.

All of our team is working hard to organize an event as only Codemotion can do: a bunch of international guests, maker area, gamedev showcase, startup desks and Codemotion Kids activities! A unique chance to meet programming languages and cutting edge technologies!
Mobile, UX, devops, cloud, big data, gamedev, security, methods, languages, web, Internet of things and muche more. Will you be able to choose among all these thriling tracks?

A developer is a person who never stops to learn. Keeping up to date on frameworks, programming languages, methods and technologies makes the difference between a type-coder and a ninjadev.

Companies which have chosen hi-tech solutions have earned about 25% more during the crisis. Lean managemente & Agile, Devops, Big Data, Cloud: a business oriented view.


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